Traditionally, flag-waving is a symbol of allegiance, passion, and authority; a sign of geographic loyalty, dedication to a cause, or a call to arms. This project includes a series of existential banners that accept no responsibility and commit to nothing. They epitomize the inability to take a stand, make a decision, or choose sides.
Wave is a series of drawings, installation and performance that flips the gesture upside down, utilizing the action to brazenly express absolutely nothing but apathy and indifference.

This project was partially conceived while an artist in residence of the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council's Workspace Program: 120 Broadway. One variation was featured as part of the River to River Festival's UnPARADE in June 2005, where hand-held versions of the flags (reading: “Huh,” and “Shrug”) were distributed to and waved by parade-goers.

The Unparade was organized by the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council:

The UnParade, led by our Grand Marshal Leonard Lopate of WNYC’s The Leonard Lopate Show, moves from the Hudson River to the East River, traversing a route that includes a series of environments and art instal- lations indigenous to Lower Manhattan, giving the participants and observers the experience of the unique canyons, cobblestones, and vistas of this historic neighborhood. UnParade performers will accumulate over the course of the route, joining in from staging areas marked on
the map. Performers will include various musical groups (ukuleles, accordions, bagpipes, etc) as well as street performers, puppeteers, dancers, and much more.
The route will also feature several temporary visual art installations curated by the Lower Manhattan Cul- tural Council. The general public is invited to view and/or join the UnParade at any point along the route as it passes along the streets of Downtown.

The (Un)Flags grew from a series of drawings as well as other more ambitious plans for a series of large, outdoor banners.